Emily Yellin is available to speak with your book club via speakerphone.
To arrange a time and date, email her at: emily@emilyyellin.com

Here are some questions to help stimulate conversations about the book and women during WWII:

1. What was your impression of American women's roles in WWII before you read the book?

2. How did that impression change after you read the book?

3. If you were alive during that time, did the book ring true for you?

4. Do you know what your mother or grandmother did during WWII?

5. How do you think WWII affected you, your mother, and grandmother, in terms of women's role in American society afterwards?

6. How were men affected by the changes in women's place in American society during WWII? For instance, women entered the workforce and the military like never before. What adjustments did men have to make to those changes?

7. How is women's experience of war different from men's, before, during and since WWII?

8. Who were your favorite women in the book? Who did you find most inspiring?

9. Were there women in the book you did not like?

10. In what ways do you think the women of the greatest generation have not gotten proper credit for their roles in WWII?

11. Are there any women in your life who you could ask about their lives during WWII, or who you could thank for what they did for our country during WWII?

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