Jennifer Erdody, Milford, NH


I just finished reading this book cover-to-cover, and it was just as engrossing
as any novel I have read. I appreciate it so much, as it has given me a new
understanding of the ways women were regarded in my grandmother's generation,
of the inequalities my mother's generation fought to change, and of how lucky I
am to be a member of the first generation in which women are not automatically
viewed as second to men. American women accomplished a great change, in
what is really quite short a time.

Karin Stahl, Hartford, CT

"Our Mothers' War" is an incredible experience, not just an excellent
book. It's a page-turner through heartfelt accounts and history written as
an engaging story. For almost a year I had been researching WWI, WWII and
the Vietnam War, pouring through family collections of love letters and
memorabilia from the women's perspectives. When Emily Yellin's book was
published I was thrilled and could almost hear my own mother's voice again
telling me similar stories. Rusty, my mother, worked as a civilian
administrative assistant for the Navy. My father was a civilian engineer
who developed equipment used to measure atomic bomb tests at Los Almos. My
parents would put on their music and show us how they danced during war
time, just as Emily described at the canteens in the book. We children
would get them to reminisce for hours, sharing stories about their own
work, the service of others, and what it was like during war time at the
homefront. Emily has provided us all with a gift of context for our
memories and incentive to learn even more about those years and our
mothers' roles. Thank you, Emily!